LIBREVILLE, gabon–When the body of 13-year-old Ralph Edang N'na was found drained of blood and with gaping wounds in his genitals, chest and neck last month, many in Gabon thought it was politicians who had ordered his killing. The murder of children and young adults, whose organs are eaten or used to make magical amulets, has increased in recent years in the oil-rich central African nation. Campaigners say some Gabonese politicians use the black magic rituals to boost their chances of winning lucrative government posts. With elections to municipal councils on Sunday, many fear a spate of gruesome child murders. Every week, mutilated bodies are discovered in the capital Libreville, despite police patrols. Anxious parents keep a close eye around schools so children aren't snatched. "It's before elections and ministerial reshuffles that the vilest crimes are committed and the capital empties of certain kinds of politicians who go to the interior to carry out witchcraft," said pastor Fran├žois Bibang, a member of the Association to Fight Ritual Crimes (ALCR). In ritual killings, which still take place in several African countries, victims' body parts and blood are used in ceremonies to bestow social success and political power. The ALCR says February alone saw 12 such killings in Gabon. "Unfortunately, this practice seems to be spreading again in Gabon," said Jean-Elvis Ebang Ondo, who founded ALCR after his 12-year-old son was kidnapped, killed and mutilated in 2005. The government set up a National Observatory for the Rights of Children in fall 2006 to implement a UN children's charter that enshrines, among other things, the right to protection from abuse. Gabon is one of sub-Saharan Africa's largest oil producers but most of its citizens live in poverty. Omar Bongo, who has ruled Gabon since 1967, used oil funds to weave a web of patronage which has created bitter competition for lucrative political jobs. Ondo decried "the silence of the state," – a penal code approved in January omitted any mention of ritual crimes. No clear figures exist for the number of such victims. Another activist, Frederic Ntera Etoua, tallied 290 such killings in the jungles of Ogooue-Ivindo province where Ralph Edang N'na died. Parliamentary speaker Guy Nzouba Ndama opened a session of the assembly on March 3 by denouncing ritual crimes by politicians. But no politician has been convicted for such crimes. An attempt to prosecute a legislator from Gamba region last year failed after he claimed parliamentary immunity. Psychologist Philippe Ndong of Libreville University traces the rise in ritual murders to 2001. "As legislative elections approached, mutilated bodies were discovered around the country," he said. "An 8-year-old girl was snatched in Ndolou department and killed in Mouila. The man allegedly responsible was a candidate to Parliament who entered the government after this crime."




BHUBANESWAR, India–The former coach of Budhia Singh, a six-year-old child prodigy dubbed India's "marathon boy," was shot dead last night, police said.

Biranchi Das was shot at several times by unknown assailants near a hall in Bhubaneswar, where he used to train students in judo, according to senior police official Sarat Sahu.

In 2006, Budhia Singh entered the Limca Book of Records after running 65 kilometres in little more than seven hours under the stewardship of Das.

But the coach was accused of using the boy for his own personal gain and was arrested last August on suspicion of torturing Budhia. Das said the charges were baseless and in retaliation for not giving the boy's mother money she had asked for.

A police official said Das had apparently been killed because of "personal rivalry" and that an investigation was under way.


He runs seven hours at a stretch, sometimes as much as 48km (30 miles). On a daily basis.

And Budhia Singh is just three and a half years old.

When Budhia's father died a year ago, his mother, who washes dishes in Bhubaneswar, capital of the eastern Indian state of Orissa, was unable to provide for her four children.

She sold Budhia to a man for 800 rupees ($20).

But the young boy came to the attention of Biranchi Das, a judo coach and the secretary of the local judo association.

Mr Das said he noticed Budhia's talent when scolding him for being a bully.

"Once, after he had done some mischief, I asked him to keep running till I came back," Mr Das told the BBC.

"I got busy in some work. When I came back after five hours, I was stunned to find him still running."


Mr Das, also the president of the residents' association of the run-down area where Budhia used to live, summoned the man who had bought Budhia and paid him his 800 rupees back.

Then started a strict diet and exercise regimen that saw Budhia adding a few kilometres to his daily marathon every few days.

Budhia Singh
A few stretching exercises for the marathon boy

In place of a few lumps of rice that he used to get at his mother's place, he now has a diet of eggs, milk, soybean and meat.

He starts running at 0500 each day and does not stop till noon.

After a few stretching exercises, he has lunch and goes for a siesta.

At 1600 it is time to run again.

Budhia is enjoying his stay at the judo hostel. "I can run and eat to my heart's content here," he says.

His speech is not yet easy to understand. Though he has yet to go to school, he has completed learning the alphabet of Oriya, the local language.

Budhia's coach has now set his eyes on a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

That, he says, will be possible when he can run for 90km at a stretch.

"I have no doubt whatsoever that he will achieve it soon", Mr Das says.



Before he was stabbed to death outside a Mississauga strip club, Luis Estrada-Lemmon was charged with sexually assaulting his alleged killer's kid sister. The 19-year-old victim was scheduled to appear in a Brampton courtroom in July to set a trial date for an alleged sexual assault against Katie Struc that is said to have taken place last summer.
Instead, the Sheridan College student, who was remembered as a "beautiful, kind and caring boy" by his devastated mother, was found stabbed to death in the back parking lot of Kennedy's Adult Club early Saturday. It didn't take long for police to sweep down on Michael James Struc, 23, and charge him with first-degree murder.

"My brother is not some crazy lunatic who stabbed a kid because of a bar fight," Katie Struc, 19, told the Sun in an e-mail yesterday. "My brother is a big brother who lost his mind over his little sister. A brother's love knows no bounds, and unfortunately my brother (allegedly) crossed the line."

FACEBOOK RIDDLED A Facebook group dedicated to Estrada-Lemmon has been riddled with comments about the alleged sexual assault, with some saying the young man got what he deserved and others pinning the blame of his death on Katie Struc. The allegations against Michael Struc haven't been proven in court, nor had Estrada-Lemmon been found guilty of his charge. "It's disgusting, and sad, all of it. I'm receiving threats (bred) from ignorance, and directed in anger. People wanna say things to my brother and they can't, so they're saying it to me," Katie Struc said. "Only I know and Luis knows what happened that night."

Katie Struc alleged that Estrada-Lemmon -- a high school classmate and former "good friend" -- was high on ecstasy and "had been drinking all night" when he allegedly pinned her hands down and tried to have sex with her July 17, 2007. Court records show the Crown attorney elected to proceed with the case by indictment and Estrada-Lemmon's preliminary hearing was to begin this September. "All I could do was beg for him to stop. As soon as I could, I hit him, and that's when he stopped. I told him to leave, and he did," she said. Struc filed a police report, spent the morning in the hospital undergoing tests, and handed over her bed sheets and clothes as evidence. But she didn't tell her older brother, she said. "It wasn't until Luis started telling people I was 'accusing him' that word hit the streets," she said. "My brother told me when he found out (in January) that this was his worst nightmare," she said. "He had no intention of hurting Luis, because when I talked to him I told him I'd much rather have him in my life for the next 20 years than behind bars, and thought he had moved on. "My brother has the biggest heart, and loves his family more than anything, and this is why this happened." Struc said her brother was at a bakery with Eric Jacome, 24, who has since been charged with accessory after the fact to murder, around 10:30 p.m. on Friday "and everything seemed okay."

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//Max's Aunt//

Mosley, 67, was filmed playing a SS death-camp commmandant barking orders in German and lashing uniformed girls in a five-hour video.

The married dad-of-two – son of infamous wartime fascist Sir Oswald Mosley – also posed as a concentration camp victim having his genitals inspected before being whipped until his buttocks bled.

OSWALD Mosley (right) was the closest thing the UK had to a rabble-rousing Hitler in the years leading up to World War II.

He rallied his blackshirt army of fascists against Jews and Communists. His famous march through London's East End—an area heavily populated by Jews—sparked the infamous Battle of Cable Street in 1936.

Hitler admired him so much he was guest of honour at his wedding to society beauty Diana Mitford, held at the Berlin home of evil Nazi chief Joseph Goebbels.

Max's aunt Unity Mitford was also a devoted Nazi. After Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, she sent a farewell letter to Hitler and shot herself in the head with the pearl-handled pistol the German leader had given her as a gift. She died of her injuries several years later.

Antony & the Johnsons - Atrocities

Antony & the Johnsons - Atrocities

Antony & the Johnsons - Atrocities

Antony & the Johnsons - Atrocities

Antony & the Johnsons - Atrocities

Antony & the Johnsons - Atrocities

Antony & the Johnsons - Atrocities

Antony & the Johnsons - Atrocities

Antony & the Johnsons - Atrocities